Test the Beta version of our upcoming Web3 super app today.

Featuring NFT minting, a self-custodial crypto wallet, encrypted messaging, and much more. Launching 2023.

Self-custodial wallet.

Safely store cryptocurrency from 60+ chains, like Ethereum, Avalanche, Bitcoin, Cardano, Polygon and more. Send and receive coins as well as track the market with industry-leading encryption.

NFT mint & marketplace.

List and browse digital art on our NFT marketplace with support for 100mb files, in any format you want. Monetize your creativity on the go by minting for zero gas fees. You can even set royalties!

Encrypted messenger.

Send text, photo, video and audio files up to 100mb to any wallet address instantly with true end-to-end encryption, secured by blockchain technology and unlocked with private keys. Privacy matters.

Powered by a Layer 1 blockchain.

AmazeChain is our secure and lightning fast proprietary L1 protocol, where mobile users can validate transactions. No other network has been able to balance the blockchain trilemma, until now.

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