Get crypto for using your phone

Use your mobile’s processing power to mine our decentralised blockchain, for just 1-2% battery per day. You’ll be rewarded with a listed cryptocurrency, while businesses get a secure, fast network for their data needs.

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You use your smartphone everyday.
Why not profit from that time?

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Can a phone really mine?

We’ve found a way to make blockchain more accessible, decentralised, energy efficient, and profitable for everyday people around the world–with just the click of a finger.

Our Layer 1 network runs on end-user devices like mobiles to validate transactions and generate blocks, and even offers better performance than Ethereum and Bitcoin.


The smarter way to scale Web3.

AmazeChain is designed to be scalable, to reach the next 1 billion users in Web3 through mobile.

More users = more nodes = more TPS & security (decentralisation). And with better performance, come more dapps.

Meet the team

We’re from companies like Binance, Dell and Amazon, and led the development of the WeChat app! We believe smartphones are the key to Web3’s future growth. 😉

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