A Step-by-Step Guide to Purchasing AMT Tokens: USDT and Fiat Options Explained

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The world of cryptocurrencies continues to evolve, introducing innovative tokens like AMT that attract blockchain enthusiasts to explore the Amaze World. Acquiring AMT tokens involves a straightforward process, offering options for both USDT and fiat transactions. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, there are streamlined methods to obtain AMT tokens.

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We are constantly developing and improving our app, for now, Android mobile phone users can swap USDT with AMTs in the app directly using DEX. For ios mobile users, we will introduce the option soon. For now, you can still get AMTs via the crypto exchanges. 

Buying AMT Tokens Using USDT

Android Method – AmazeWallet

  1. Download AmazeWallet and Create an Account
    Install the AmazeWallet app on your Android device and create an account. Then create a wallet. Once a wallet is created, you will be able to find the USDT address.
  2. Transfer USDT to AmazeWallet
    From your existing wallet or exchange, send USDT to your AmazeWallet address. Ensure that both the sending and receiving addresses are on the same blockchain chain for a successful transfer. You need sufficient tokens on the blockchain for gas fees, such as BNB or ETH.
  3. Exchange USDT for AMT within AmazeWallet
    Inside the AmazeWallet app, access the decentralized exchange feature. Swap your received USDT directly for AMT tokens through the app’s intuitive interface. Once the transaction is confirmed, the AMT tokens will appear in your AmazeWallet.

Buying AMT Tokens Using Fiat

Exchange Platforms – BitMart or Coinstore

  • 1. Register and Deposit Fiat
    Sign up for an account on BitMart or CoinStore if you haven’t already. 
  • 2. Purchase USDT on the Exchange
    On the exchange, search for USDT to buy. There will be a few options for you. You can choose to use a card to pay for the USDT. It might take a day for the first payment to arrive at the exchange. Follow the steps on the exchange and wait till the transaction is finished. Then you will see USDT in your account. 
  • 3. Transfer USDT to AmazeWallet (Android) or iOS Exchange
    • For Android Users: There are two options: exchange USDT for AMT on the crypto exchange or swap them in the AmazeWallet App, which is the steps mentioned in the “Buying AMT Tokens Using USDT” section above.
    • For iOS Users: Search for the trading pair USDT/AMT on the chosen crypto exchange. Place an order for the desired amount of AMT tokens.
  • 4. Transfer AMT Tokens to AmazeWallet
    After purchasing AMT tokens on the exchange, withdraw them to your AmazeWallet. Copy the AMT wallet address from AmazeWallet and paste it into the withdrawal page on the exchange. The transaction is typically fast, and once completed, your AMT tokens will be in your AmazeWallet.


Acquiring AMT tokens provides entry into a dynamic crypto ecosystem, enabling users to explore NFT purchases or participate in AMT mining for additional tokens. Remember to prioritize security by using reputable platforms and safeguarding your wallet information. With this comprehensive guide, you’re now equipped to navigate the process of purchasing AMT tokens using both USDT and fiat currencies, regardless of your device preference.