Our ecosystem utility token: $AMT

AMT powers our Web3 mobile app and chain ecosystem. After our recent beta airdrop in January, we’re now rewarding the Top 2,000 testnet miners with a Genesis NFT, along with Crew3 sprints!

AmazeToken airdrop FAQ:

The AmazeToken is used for everything within AmazeWallet, from the NFT marketplace to sending/receiving crypto, earning mining rewards, as well as future features like AmazePay and our membership program. Have a read of our tokenomics to learn more.

Our beta airdrop is now finished. Winners could get up to 72 $AMT tokens, or more for top inviters.

The requirements of our month-long beta airdrop are outlined below:

  1. BE ACTIVE: Collect the daily test AMC faucet 10 times (in app faucet once a day only)
  2. TEST OUR APP: Send 1 AMC to our test address: 0xf13d680bA12717fE27d33caB983c5C755Ff74358, Send a message via our in-app chat, and Mint an NFT, and list for no more than 2 AMC. Also, purchase at least 2 NFTs (no need for iOS users).
  3. PROMOTE ON SOCIAL: Follow us on Twitter, Telegram and Discord, and Retweet at least our airdrop announcement (will get Ally role in Discord).
  4. GIVE FEEDBACK: Fill our anonymous research survey on our airdrop landing page (If you have filled out the Google Form already provided Nov 25 to Dec 2, there is no need)
  5. REFER FRIENDS: Invite at least 10 friends who create a wallet and are active on-chain. This can via done via Settings>Tell Friends>Share (either QR code or unique referral URL).

Please note that all of these must have been completed before January 20 2023, and logged on our landing page here, in order to be eligible. People who tested our app and did not log in to the landing page will not be rewarded this time. Stay active so you don’t miss future events!

Please note, test AMT cannot be redeemed for real currency.  Airdrop rewards are given in $AMT minted on our main chain, which can be swapped to USDT and other pairs after listing. We have signed with two exchanges to list in Q1, including Coinstore.

Rewards were tiered depending on the level of participation. The app must have been updated to 1.2.8 for the airdrop to be successful. Previous on-chain activity before the announcement date (December 23 2022) will count toward the airdrop (e.g. NFT minting and faucet collection).