AMT: The digital currency that powers our global economy

Scarce. Secure. Made for utility.

For things to grow, they need fuel. Everyone who uses our network—and anything of value created in our global ecosystem—from dapps to content and payments—uses AMT. The scarce, deflationary native coin for our mobile chain.

Token Features

Open to the world

Coins can be sent to any address nearly instantaneously. We even support offline payments!

Private but compliant

Uses modern encryption and zero knowledge to protect user privacy while being fully compliant.


The mining block reward halves every four years, and 50% of all gas fees are burned.

Sustainable growth

Diverse ecosystem built for sustainable growth. The world’s first mobile chain—with a long-term roadmap.


AMT is the only native digital currency for both a Layer 1 chain, and an end-user mobile app.

Where to buy AMT

AMT is listed on centralised exchanges including BitMart and Coinstore, and is also available to swap in AmazeWallet.

How to use our utility token:

For Real World Assets, e-commerce, trade, DeFi, fine art and utility NFTs, games, hospitality, domain name services, and more. Follow our journey as more businesses deploy on AmazeChain!

Gas fees

Swap fees

Buy NFTs


Offline usage


Why does AMT have value?

People give value to our native currency. Businesses use AMT to settle payments and to pay fees to store and retrieve data. Miners use AMT to run a node. Creators use AMT to earn royalties and sell digital products. Wallet users need AMT to send payments. AMT also is used in offline transactions such as hotel booking, real asset tokenization and international trade. More people using AMT will only benefit the ecosystem and token growth.


  • 200m total supply 
  • 28.25% public sale
  • 50% mined/128 years
  • 300k chain TPS
  • Up to <$0.01 TX fee