AmazeWallet and Onramper are partnering

AmazeWallet integrates Onramper to bring choice to users
AmazeWallet and Onramper are Partnering

AmazeWallet is excited to announce our partnership with fiat-to-crypto aggregator Onramper. Soon, our users will be able to find the best live prices on the market to turn their fiat money into cryptocurrency. Instant exchange, all through one smartwallet.

Onramper is a leading fiat-to-crypto on-ramping aggregator that finds the most suitable deals for users by quickly pinpointing which single platform offers the best price. Onramper then makes the process of purchasing crypto easy and simple.

That’s why we’re integrating Onramper into our wallet feature. Our goal at AmazeWallet is to build seamless products without the barriers or difficulties we so often see in Web3. Turning money into crypto has always been a pain point for many people, particularly those new to the scene. With Onramper, we’re helping to break down these barriers and onboard the next generation of Web3 users.

Why Onramper specifically? Why are they the perfect partner?

Firstly, our users will get access to 15 individual on-ramp services, all at the same time. MoonPay, Mercuryo and Binance are a few of the platforms our community can use to turn their fiat into crypto. Onramper works across 180 countries and provides 120 different payment methods.

Users can also exchange over 1,000 different cryptocurrencies on more than 150 blockchains. Choice is important for our community, so we’re offering more of it.

The partnership aligns with our mission

At AmazeWallet, we have a vision of creating the best smartwallet in the world, which gives users control and ownership over their digital lives. Our COO Ed Ball sees the Onramper integration as another step closer to achieving this.

Onramper’s intelligent approach to purchasing crypto – where users can compare providers and get the best rate possible – is exactly in line with our mission to be the smartest way for our users to manage their Web3. The future of our industry, if we want to achieve mass adoption, is one that is less fragmented, and just as we’re bringing multiple chains and features in a single product, Onramper offers one simple method to access several onramps. We’re partnered with them because they offer more choice, more transparency and a fast, secure API that gives our community the best experience possible.

Ed Ball, AmazeWallet COO

When our smartwallet launches in full on 28th June, users will be able to turn their fiat into crypto in a few clicks. This will make accessing the world of Web3 easier, and will create an easier route to staking AMT, mining blocks for our Layer 1 AmazeChain and receiving rewards in return.

The AmazeWallet ecosystem will keep growing

We’re excited about what this partnership means for AmazeWallet users. But we know there’s still loads more to do to provide everything a user should expect from the world’s first smartwallet.

Soon, we’ll be announcing the integration into our app of the biggest decentralized exchange on the market. When that happens, users will not only be able to turn fiat into crypto, they’ll also be able to swap one crypto for another, all from the comfort of AmazeWallet. And it isn’t just DeFi platforms we’re partnering with.

We’ve signed world-renowned international artists from around the globe to deals that will give our NFT marketplace the exclusive rights to host their work. Soon, our community of users will be the only ones with access to high-end art from famous names.

We’re building an ecosystem that users don’t need to leave. They’ll be able to manage all of their Web3 from one place.