AmazeWallet Launches July Madness Mobile Mining Giveaway

AmazeWallet launches new mobile mining opportunity: July Madness
AmazeWallet July Madness mobile mining

To celebrate the launch of mainnet mobile mining on AmazeWallet, we’re giving our pioneer users even more opportunity to enter our ecosystem with AmazeWallet July Madness. Starting today, 13 July, people who lock in their AMT tokens and launch a mainnet node will receive instant AMT in return*.

All your questions answered:

How does July Madness work?

It’s simple. We have a $20,000 prize pool to give away as rewards to our earliest users. If you lock in your AMT tokens, and start mining mainnet AmazeChain, we will send our live token directly to your wallet. You can think of it as a discount, a bonus or just a thank you for being part of our journey.

The July Madness lock-in reward is available to anyone who runs a mainnet AmazeChain node. We have three tiers:

  • 50 AMT
  • 100 AMT
  • 500 AMT

And it doesn’t matter which tier you start mobile mining with, you will still receive the same reward as other people in your prize pool.

What are the rewards?

We have three different prize pools. Being one of the first to run a mainnet AmazeChain node gives you access to the biggest pool and the biggest rewards.

AmazeWallet July Madness rewards

As an example of what you could win, if you lock in 50 AMT (at the current token price), you will get a bonus of just over 11%. Add this to 15% mining rewards you’ll get during the lock-in period, and that’s a 26% return.

If we couple this 26% return with the anticipated rise in the value of the AMT token over the next year, the potential returns AmazeWallet offers start to look like the glory days of DeFi.

How do I start mining?

Mining with AmazeWallet is easy. Here are the few steps you need to take to start mining on mainnet today:

  1. Open your AmazeWallet. If you haven’t done this already, go to Google Play Store and install it. Follow the steps to get an AmazeWallet account and create your self-custodial in-app wallet.
  2. Get AMT from either Coinstore or BitMart. Send your AMT to your self-custodial wallet. You can find your wallet address by going to the Wallet tab and clicking into AMT. You’ll see your address at the top, which you can copy with one tap. 
  3. With your AMT in your wallet, go to the Node tab along the bottom menu. Follow the instructions to lock in your AMT and start mining on mainnet.
  4. Sit back and watch your rewards come in. We’ll keep an eye on the AmazeChain Explorer and send your AMT rewards automatically.

For a more in-depth guide to mainnet mining, read this blog post.

How will I get my rewards?

We’ll send your rewards directly to you. You don’t need to claim anything, or tell us that you’re mining. We can see who’s mining and will distribute AMT automatically.

This offer is all about speed, taking your opportunities and being the first to spot your chance when it arrives. The earlier you start mining on mainnet, the bigger the prize pool you enter and the more rewards you’ll get.

What if I’m already mining?

Have no fear! If you’re one of our early mainnet miners, we’ve got you covered. We’ve been looking at the AmazeChain Explorer and we know which wallets were early to the party for running a full node. If you’ve already locked in your AMT tokens, and are mining the mainnet AmazeChain, we’ll send you your AMT reward.

* Disclaimer: the AmazeWallet July Madness mobile mining offer is only valid for those users mining on mainnet. Testnet miners are not eligible for this competition.