AmazeWallet Launches on Mainnet

The AmazeWallet journey starts here

AmazeWallet is live on mainnet. After six years of building, we’ve reached our long-awaited milestone on schedule. And we couldn’t be more excited to reveal our pioneering product to the world. Users can now mine with their mobile, create and trade NFTs, hold tokens, and chat on-chain, all from one app.

The day has arrived. After our hugely successful Beta period, where users tested our smartwallet and offered their feedback, we’ve launched our full product on mainnet.

We’ve listened, we’ve iterated and we’ve improved. Today, we’ve launched AmazeWallet in full.

In the coming days, weeks and months, we’ll continue to ship new versions and keep delivering more benefits for our community of Web3 pioneers.

So what now? Now you can run a node, mine mainnet AMT with your mobile, and even exchange it for USDT. Find the download links and get set up today.

Benefits and features

Now we’ve launched AmazeWallet on mainnet, our community can unlock the full rewarding experience:

  • Users can stake AMT, our utility token, and use their mobile to validate blocks and mine our Layer 1 AmazeChain. Accrue rewards over time while you contribute to true decentralization.
  • Create, trade and collect NFTs. We approve every artist on AmazeWallet, to ensure our marketplace features only top quality work. Anyone can apply to be a creator and display their art alongside world-renowned artists.

We’ve outlined in previous posts the list of benefits and features users could already access during our Beta testnet phase:

  • Users can play classic games while they leave the app open to validate blocks and receive AMT rewards for their work.
  • We offer a super secure, on-chain Chat platform with an integrated ChatGPT assistant. Not only can our users talk peer-to-peer with friends through our Layer 1 AmazeChain, they can also ask our AI-powered chatbot anything they want.
  • Our smartwallet is a self-custodial crypto wallet where users can hold BTC, ETH, SOL, MATIC, BNB and thousands of other tokens and coins across 60+ blockchains.
  • Our live news feed and in-app web browser give users up-to-date access to information around the world.

Development doesn’t stop here. In time, we’ll add incredible new features to make AmazeWallet even more useful. We’ll soon introduce AmazePay, enabling users to buy everyday items directly through their smartwallet.

We’ll also add further utility for our NFT platform – ticketing, courses, collectibles – alongside on-chain group chats, more DeFi functionality and a social mining feature that will change the way we validate blockchains.

AmazeWallet testnet Beta stats

AmazeWallet’s success didn’t happen overnight. Our mainnet launch is the culmination of six years of innovation, hard work and belief. It all started in 2017, when our founder Jay realised the future of decentralization will be mobile.

Since we launched our Beta in November 2022, we’ve hit many milestones and  updated and upgraded our smartwallet to create the product we have today. In that time:

  • 110,000+ people downloaded AmazeWallet.
  • Unique daily average users hit 10,000.
  • We had 19,000+ unique weekly average users.
  • We had 36 million in-app events.
  • Miners mined 1,013,186 blocks.
  • We shipped 44 new versions of the app.
  • Creators used our NFT platform to mint around 1,000 NFTs per day.

While you tested our app, our development team watched and analyzed. They collected your suggestions and data, and spent every day innovating and upgrading.

What they created was a brand new product, almost unrecognizable from the app we started with eight months ago. Our new features include:

  • Token Swapping
  • UI Overhaul
  • In-App Fiat-to-Crypto On-Ramping
  • Remodelled Homepage and NFT platform
  • Updated Mining Analytics
  • AmazeWallet Chat with integrated ChatGPT
  • In-App Games
  • Custom Token Options
  • More Chains
  • Live News Feed

28 June is day one of the next stage in AmazeWallet’s journey. As we continue to build and grow, expect the speed of improvement to increase.

The future is smart

AmazeWallet is the smarter way to manage Web3. What this means in reality is that users’ everyday lives are made easier and more manageable with AmazeWallet. Now, for the first time, people can access Web3 technology in a simple way, all from one place.

Send money to friends and family easily and securely. Trade digital items without needing to log into a new platform. Hold your crypto tokens in your own self-custodial wallet. And chat with people online without worrying that anyone will be reading your conversations.

On the AmazeWallet launch, COO Ed Ball said:

What an amazing journey. Six years ago we set out to create the world’s most secure, efficient and equitable blockchain. And from today, users around the world can run a node on their smartphone to mine our native token. Thank you to all the team, to our partners, community, and coding contributors for making this happen. We can’t wait to launch new social features, DeFi protocols and onboard more types of NFT this summer! Never stop building.

Ed Ball, AmazeWallet COO

Finally, we want to say thank you again, for travelling along this road with us as we take Web3 into the future. Our ultimate goal is to create a tool that fits seamlessly into people’s lives and rewards them for their participation. Now we’ve launched on mainnet, it’s time for everyone to benefit from the power of decentralization.


The AmazeWallet team