AmazeWallet successfully launches iOS version on the AppStore 

AmazeWallet’s incredible development momentum continues as the company today passed the AppStore’s rigorous review process. The AmazeWallet team has been working closely with the team at Apple to achieve the first release of AmazeWallet on iPhone. After a long awaited 6 weeks since AmazeWallet launched on Google’s Playstore, their 120,000+ app users can now get crypto for using their iPhones as well as Android phones.

The game changing mobile application by AmazeWallet has exploded onto the market place mainnet launch seeing over 20 000 users register for group mining and an additional 9000+ wallets created in anticipation. According to The Guardian daily mobile usage across the world is as high as 3hrs and 15 minutes. AmazeWallet’s application provides a low touch and accessible solution for mobile users to monetise their time spent on phones — which is now available to both Android and iPhone users!

iPhone users can use the core functionality of the app to receive all the amazing benefits which include 

  • Input AMT to mine the AmazeChain for daily AMT rewards 
  • Store and manage their digital assets across 60+ blockchains 
  • Browse the web and connect to dapps 
  • Discover and explore globally recognised NFTs 

While there have been small adjustments made to adhere to Apple’s strict compliance framework, the AmazeWallet application for iOS users still emerges as the most rewarding Web3 App to date. 

Notably, due to restrictions in place by Apple on Web3 Apps, there will be some slight differences between the two app versions. We are working hard to re-enable these features in order for both iOS and Android to have identical functionality. A few differences include the removal of the ‘create, buy and sell’ buttons from within the NFT Marketplace and the removal of the in app chat feature. Smaller changes included a UI revamp of the homepage and inapp browser to meet apples regulation, however, both those features utility remains the same.

Ed Ball, COO at AmazeWallet expressed his excitement stating “This is a massive win and a huge step forward for AmazeWallet. We have been working tirelessly with Apple to meet their requirements with one goal in mind, drive access for millions of iPhone users to get crypto for simply using their phones. From today, that dream is realized and we couldn’t be happier.” 

This is a landmark moment for the first layer1 chain totally secured by the mobile network. To stay up to date on the latest and greatest evolutions in AmazeWallet join us on Twitter and chat to the team in Discord today.