AmazeWallet’s smartwallet is launching: 28 June

The world's first smartwallet for managing all of Web3
AmazeWallets smartwallet is launching 28th June

AmazeWallet’s smartwallet is launching on full mainnet on 28 June. The process has been six years in the making and has included more than 400 contributing coders with a core team of 75 people. Now AmazeWallet users will get to mine and validate the mainnet AmazeChain, for real AMT rewards. Expect all the features you’ve been using so far, but they’ll be slicker, faster and better.

It’s happening. The AmazeWallet smartwallet is launching on full mainnet. It’s the day we’ve been building towards and the moment our community has been waiting for. On 28 June, the full smartwallet experience will be available for everyone to use. We see it as the dawn of a new era in Web3 technology.

Before looking to the future, let’s recap where we’ve been.

We launched our Beta on 25 November, and in the past five and half months we’ve been testing and improving our smartwallet. Here are some stats to show you what we’ve achieved:

  • 100,000+ downloads
  • 19,000 monthly active users
  • 11,000+ daily active miners
  • Peak of 3,976 NFTs created in one day
  • Trading volume for NFTs is 275,000 testnet AMT
  • Shipped 20 versions (one version every nine days)

Now we’re announcing the end of our hugely successful Beta testnet period.

What to expect from the full smartwallet

When AmazeWallet launches on mainnet, people will receive real AMT for the blocks they validate. NFTs that brands and creators mint in our marketplace will be tradeable for real money. Users can still benefit from our self-custodial wallet, and can still chat with friends on-chain.

When the full smartwallet launches, it will come with upgraded UX and UI, and a few extra features we’ll be announcing in the coming weeks. To download it, you’ll find the full version in the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android; we’re migrating from TestFlight and Early Access.

This is a big moment for everyone at AmazeWallet and all of our users who’ve helped us test, refine and improve our smartwallet. But this is just the beginning. We’re not resting; we keep building. Expect more improvements every week, expect the same level of commitment to transparency and engagement. Expect monumental additions to AmazeWallet by the end of 2023.

Thank you for joining us on our journey so far. The age of smartwallets has begun.

Yours gratefully,

The AmazeWallet team.