Store your crypto securely.

Manage your digital assets across more than 60 blockchains, with wallet support for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, Cardano and more. Safely hold 1,500 different crypto tokens and coins, without third-party interference. True trustless management.

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Hold, send and trade with your self-custodial wallet.

AmazeWallet self-custodial wallet

Your security guaranteed.

Security isn’t a perk, it’s a requirement. When you create your AmazeWallet, you’ll get a unique address for each of the 60+ networks we support. You’ll also get a seed phrase and 384-bit cipher encryption. Unbreakable, even with a quantum computer.

Fiat into crypto with easy on-ramping.

Use aggregating platform Onramper to turn your fiat into crypto assets. Choose from 15 different on-ramping tools to get the best price, and more control over how you manage your tokens and coins. Reclaim your privacy and security through true ownership.

trade securely with AmazeWallet

Swap and trade tokens safely.

AmazeWallet offers freedom. Through our in-app browser, users are free to connect with any decentralized exchange and trade crypto. Send and receive 1000s of coins and tokens to any token address around the world. Your wallet is yours, so we don’t charge fees no matter which chain you’re using. Leave boundaries behind with AmazeWallet.

Benefits, direct to you.

Diversify risk

Find thousands of tokens from Ethereum, Avalanche, Cardano, TRON, Ripple, Polygon and more.

Easy to use

Crytpo wallets shouldn’t need a rocket science degree to use. Get set up and holding in minutes with our simple UI.

Track the market

Get live CoinGecko data price, supply and 24h trading volume to keep on top of your portfolio.

24/7 support

We're builders and Web3 pros. Our team can be reached via our app, Discord, or email, for whatever you need.

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