Run your own node, and earn AMT.

Run your own light node for our Layer 1 blockchain with mobile mining from your phone. Whatever you’re doing in the app – trading crypto, creating NFTs, messaging friends – you can mine our native token AMT in the background.

65 K
100 K
the freedom to keep talking

New technology, new opportunities.

Our purpose-built AmazeChain enables ours users to easily validate transactions and secure our blockchain to earn AMT rewards. And it won’t cost you a small fortune to do it. On average, operating a light node for our network takes up 1-2% phone battery per day and 36MB of data per month – equivalent to six minutes of video calling.

Full launch coming soon.

While we’re currently in Beta testing, which means you can run a test node to receive test coins, our upcoming app launch will include full mobile mining functionality. Soon, you’ll be able to stake and mine at one of three tiers:

50 AMT

100 AMT

500 AMT

Early adopters often uncover the best opportunities. Get your AMT ready for staking so you can run your node on launch day.

💎 The AMT token 💎

AMT is the native currency of the AmazeWallet ecosystem. It’s the utility token users need to buy and sell NFTs, pay gas fees and, of course, stake to run a node. Transactions can cost, on average, less than $0.01 and with just 100,000 nodes, we can process more than 1 million per second.