Create, trade and find NFTs on your mobile.

AmazeWallet’s NFT marketplace gives power back to creators. We offer gas-free minting, ultra-low transaction costs and the chance to upload different types of digital media, with files sizes up to 100MB. Create items, list them for sale or auction, or hold them in your own personal collection.

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An NFT marketplace built for the future.

AmazeWallet NFT collectible assets

An NFT marketplace that isn't just for Pros.

NFTs come in all shapes and sizes. And so do the people creating them. We make it simple for everyone to upload and trade their photography, artwork, gaming collectibles, PFPs and degen collections. Also mint videos, gifs, music and membership passes. Curate a style, build a following and own the market.

Royalties keep the world turning.

The conversation around enforced royalties is long-running in the world of digital collectibles and crypto art. Some people think a true NFT marketplace shouldn’t have them; others think they’re a great incentive for artists to carry on creating. At AmazeWallet, we let our users choose. Our creators can add royalties up to 10%, and then the market decides to buy or not to buy.

Create an NFT
AmazeWallet NFT marketplace

Gas-free minting and low-cost trading.

We’ve harnessed the power of our Layer 1 AmazeChain to make our users’ lives easier. There are no gas fees for minting your NFTs. Just upload and post. And our transaction fees for trading rarely go above $0.01. Wave goodbye to high-cost networks like Ethereum, and say hello to fun and creativity that doesn’t eat into your crypto balance.

Your imagination is your limit.

Mint up to 10,000 digital items in one collection from our NFT marketplace, with file sizes up to 100MB. So whether you want sell tickets for an arena show, or create a super-rare 1:1 art piece, it’s all possible through AmazeWallet.

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Benefits, direct to you.

Connect to community

Get the latest drops and find top creators. Show off your coolest art from our market, and OpenSea.

Any format works

Do it your way. Upload audio, photo and video NFT files up to 100MB, with decentralized storage.

Earn commission

Mint for zero gas fees and set your own commission % to earn royalties every time your NFT is traded

Top-notch security

From FaceID to 384-bit cipher encryption you can have peace of mind that your digital collectables are safe.

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