Private & secure on-chain chat.

Send end-to-end encrypted messages through our blockchain directly to your friends and family. No intermediaries, no third parties, no middleman snooping on what you say. Your on-chain chat is secured with a 384-bit, quantum-resistant cipher.

65 K
MB files
150 K

True P2P and E2E encryption.

AmazeWallet chat is free, in all ways.

Not only is our secure messaging app completely free to use, it’s also free of backdoors for hackers to enter, and free from restrictions on what you’re allowed to send in your messages. We’re central server-free as well, so there’s no location for third parties to go snooping. We do this because private conversation between friends shouldn’t cost anything.

The freedom to keep talking.

Our users’ conversations and messages will always be secure and private. AmazeChain blockchain technology makes this possible. But don’t worry, we don’t put limits on how many messages you can send, or how big they can be. Send unlimited texts and files up to 100MB, as often as you want. Our proprietary Layer 1 network allows us to scale to near infinity, so you’re free to carry on talking.

the freedom to keep talking
on-chain private messaging

Private messaging between friends.

You’ll see our type of security given many names by online privacy experts: End-to-End Encryption, Peer-to-Peer Messaging, Wallet-to-Wallet Communication

At AmazeWallet, we know it as private on-chain chat between friends. It’s the opportunity to communicate instantly with the people you trust without worrying who else is watching.

Benefits, direct to you.

Talk directly to friends

Chat with your friends with fully on-chain messaging. Secure peer-to-peer chat with the people you trust.

Large file support

Forget sending links to your cloud storage. Send up to 100MB, as many times as you want, within seconds.

Free of charge

We don't charge gas fees for messaging through our blockchain. So you can enjoy the benefits without the high costs.

Top-notch security

From FaceID to 384-bit cipher encryption, you can have peace of mind that your private messages are safe.