The mobile blockchain ecosystem for the future

100 k
50 k
Gas fee
<$ 0.5

A chain made for real-world usage, from payments to games, e-commerce & DeFi.​

6 years of development

AmazeChain is a decentralised Layer 1 public blockchain that uses smartphones to broadcast transactions, verify ZK proofs and generate blocks. The mobile node can run on any device with Android 6+.

It is built to be developer-friendly. Smart contracts can be written in common languages like Java, Go or C++, and the chain is compatible with multiple protocols, including EVM, UTXO, MOVE and WASM.

The protocol includes six layers: a data layer, network layer, consensus layer, incentive layer, contract layer, and an application layer.





Breakthrough tech

Energy efficient

AmazeChain does not adopt the brute force computational method of Proof-of-Work (PoW), but achieves true large-scale decentralisation through advanced cryptographic techniques and recursive zero-knowledge proofs.

Data load <0.0067%

Typical blockchains that use Merkle Trees have a heavy data load, where 10 state changes can lead to a 200x data load—a 300GB ledger taking up 15TB! Our proprietary algorithm reduces that to a mere 1 gigabyte of storage.

AmazeChain FAQ:

Q. How many TPS does the chain support?

Our technology can deliver 300k TPS on testnet (with 100k active users), and over 1 million TPS on devnet. Block time can be reduced to seconds, with sub-cent gas fees.

Q. What security methods does it use?

We use quantum-resistant security to keep private keys and data safe, like zero-knowledge proofs, 384-bit cipher-encryption, ED25519, BLS12-381, and Granule Protection.

Q. How is AmazeChain unique?

Besides technology breakthroughs in our system architecture, and optimising both computation and storage, our blockchain uses mobile phones and end-user devices to validate transactions alongside commercial nodes.

Q. What is the infrastructure useful for?

Distributed ledger technology that is scalable and secure like AmazeChain is an ideal platform for commercial web services, gaming, DeFi, NFTs and more.

Q. How can I develop on AmazeChain?

We're currently focused on launching our mainnet but building a healthy ecosystem of dApps is a key part of our long-term roadmap. Please get in touch by email.

Q. Why use smartphones in your design?

Vitalik has said Ethereum could run on phones as of 2032. Until now, it's not been solved. Blockchain is a peer-to-peer database, and where are your peers? On mobile. It is the ideal tech for both scalability and decentralisation.