What Are The Different Types Of Web3 Wallets

What are the different types of web3 wallets

Web3 crypto wallets, much like a real-world wallet, are a tool to store your digital currency. The crypto industry is a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry. Therefore choosing the best web3 crypto wallet for you can be a difficult task. When selecting a crypto wallet it is important to take into account security, ease of use, […]

Group Crypto Mining vs. Solo Crypto Mining, What Is The Difference.

An Image of Group Crypto Mining

Crypto mining is fundamental to allowing cryptocurrencies to operate in a peer-to-peer decentralized fashion, removing the need for a centralized authority. The more nodes are running in a network, the more decentralized the network is, therefore the more secure it is. At AmazeWallet, we allow users to mine AMT tokens individually as well as join […]

Creating a Crypto Wallet with AmazeWallet

Creating a Crypto Wallet with AmazeWallet

Welcome to AmazeWallet! We’re excited to have you on board for your crypto journey. Follow these steps to create your first crypto wallet using our app and unlock the full range of features and benefits. Steps Step 1: Register an Account Once you’ve downloaded the AmazeWallet app, register for an account to get started. Step […]

Unleash Rewards with AmazeWallet’s Referral Program

Unleash Rewards with AmazeWallet's Referral Program

In a world teeming with opportunities, AmazeWallet stands out with its groundbreaking approach to cryptocurrency mining and web3 applications. Now, the excitement reaches new heights as AmazeWallet introduces an innovative referral program, redefining the realm of incentives and rewards for its users. Introducing the Referral Program AmazeWallet unveils an enticing referral program, designed to empower […]

How To Maximize AMT Token Mining Rewards

How To Maximize AMT Token Mining Rewards

How To Maximize AMT Token Mining Rewards AMT tokens are integral to the Amaze ecosystem, serving as its primary currency. They empower users by enabling multiple functionalities, including mining for additional AMT tokens, trading on exchanges, purchasing/selling digital assets within Amaze, and serving other utility purposes. If you’re new to AMT tokens, this article provides […]

An Introduction to FPGA

FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) is a versatile integrated circuit that can be programmed and reprogrammed to perform various tasks, unlike traditional fixed-function integrated circuits. Field-Programmable Gate Arrays are used provide high-performance and can enable developers to rapidly prototype without requiring new hardware. In this article we’ll look at what FPGAs are, their benefit and applications, […]

Chief Product Officer Tom Ho joins AmazeWallet from Binance.US, Crypto.com

Today AmazeWallet announces the appointment of Tom Ho as Chief Product Officer, joining from leading tech companies such as Binance.US, Electronic Arts and Crypto.com. With over 15 years in product management and software development, Tom will join the senior leadership team to oversee the development of the AmazeWallet app as we aim to become the […]

AmazeWallet successfully launches iOS version on the AppStore 

AmazeWallet’s incredible development momentum continues as the company today passed the AppStore’s rigorous review process. The AmazeWallet team has been working closely with the team at Apple to achieve the first release of AmazeWallet on iPhone. After a long awaited 6 weeks since AmazeWallet launched on Google’s Playstore, their 120,000+ app users can now get […]