An Introduction to FPGA

FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) is a versatile integrated circuit that can be programmed and reprogrammed to perform various tasks, unlike traditional fixed-function integrated circuits. Field-Programmable Gate Arrays are used provide high-performance and can enable developers to rapidly prototype without requiring new hardware. In this article we’ll look at what FPGAs are, their benefit and applications, […]

Chief Product Officer Tom Ho joins AmazeWallet from Binance.US,

Today AmazeWallet announces the appointment of Tom Ho as Chief Product Officer, joining from leading tech companies such as Binance.US, Electronic Arts and With over 15 years in product management and software development, Tom will join the senior leadership team to oversee the development of the AmazeWallet app as we aim to become the […]

AmazeWallet successfully launches iOS version on the AppStore 

AmazeWallet’s incredible development momentum continues as the company today passed the AppStore’s rigorous review process. The AmazeWallet team has been working closely with the team at Apple to achieve the first release of AmazeWallet on iPhone. After a long awaited 6 weeks since AmazeWallet launched on Google’s Playstore, their 120,000+ app users can now get […]