Creating a Crypto Wallet with AmazeWallet

Creating a Crypto Wallet with AmazeWallet

Welcome to AmazeWallet! We’re excited to have you on board for your crypto journey. Follow these steps to create your first crypto wallet using our app and unlock the full range of features and benefits.


Step 1: Register an Account

Once you’ve downloaded the AmazeWallet app, register for an account to get started.

Step 2: Access the Wallet Creation Menu

After logging in, click on the menu button located on the upper left side of the screen.

Step 3: Access Wallet Management

From the sidebar menu, select “Management Wallet.”

Step 4: Create a New Wallet

Click on the ‘+’ icon positioned on the upper right corner of the screen to initiate the creation process for a new wallet.

Step 5: Choose Create or Import Wallet

Select “Create/Import Wallet” from the available options. Here, you can either create a new crypto wallet or import an existing one using your seed phrases.

Step 6: Create a New Wallet

Opt for ‘Create Wallet’ if you wish to generate a new crypto wallet.

Step 7: Set Wallet Details

Assign a name to your wallet and establish a password. Your password is crucial for accessing the wallet, so ensure it is strong and securely stored. Losing the password means losing access to your wallet via the AmazeWallet app.

Step 8: Review Safety Points

Carefully read through the safety points provided. It’s essential to safeguard your seed phrases, as they are your sole access key to your funds. For a comprehensive understanding of seed phrases, refer to our dedicated article explaining their significance.

Step 9: Generate Seed Phrases

On the subsequent page, your wallet’s seed phrases (either 12 or 24 words) will be randomly generated. Record these phrases in a secure location. Proceed by clicking ‘Next.’

Step 10: Backup Seed Phrases

Enter your seed phrases as prompted to confirm and make sure to save them somewhere safe. Whoever has access to your seedphrases, has the access to your digital assets..

Step 11: Completion

Once the backup process is finished, your wallet is successfully created.

Final Note

Navigate to the newly created wallet and input the wallet password to gain access. You’ll be able to view your crypto wallet addresses within this section.

Feel free to create multiple wallets, but remember to keep track of their respective passwords and, most importantly, the associated seed phrases.

With your wallet now set up, you can start transferring funds and delve into the exciting world of Web3 using AmazeWallet!