Own An Exclusive Real World Asset "Art is Eternal"

Eternal Fuji: The Masterpiece

Invest in this one-of-a-kind mixed media artwork and join a league of global collectors to own the work of two elite world class artists.

The artwork

  • Painting: 9.2 x 3.6 meters, ink on paper, the largest in Japanese history
  • Music: All Genre Music Creative, 30 mins
  • Extra: With a documentary, comments in Eternal Fuji NFT Collector DAO.
  • Unique Value: 50% sales profit sharing with the initial collectors, AMT reward when staked, global high-end community, living and growing content: Enjoy newly added art by these two artists.
  • Limited Edition: Just 10,000 pieces available



Tetsuya Komuro is a Japanese musician who made his debut in the 80s with his band, and later as a music producer, dominated the 90s and 00s as a game changer in the Japanese music scene.

His style and accomplishments have had an impact far and wide throughout Asia to this day. He has created over 1,600 songs and sold over 100 million CDs in Asia. In other parts of the world, he has composed the theme song for the FIFA World Cup in France.



Sou A Kou is a celebrated ink and wash art painter whose works are collected by the Japanese Imperial Family and former Prime Ministers.

His style combines the essence of Chinese and Japanese painting techniques, using ink to create art that has both a classical artistic beauty and modern expressionist style, with a Japanese cultural twist. Winner of the UN World Academy Award, the U.S. Cultural Arts Award and the Art Prize at the World Art Exhibition in Paris.

“I hope people are able to experience that same inner peace and unwavering belief as when I gaze up at the sunlight around Mount Fuji shining through the clouds.” Sou A Kou

Artists & Community: The Cornerstone of Eternal Fuji

Our esteemed artists dedicate their brilliance to manifesting breathtaking masterpieces, blending diverse styles for a matchless collection.

The artwork fuses traditional creativity, transcendent music and top-notch videography, evoking an incomparable ownership experience. 

One of a kind, dynamic collection.

Holders of the 10,000 tokens are able to view the living art and music collection, own the intellectual property and create derivative works.

Plus, 50% of the profits from the real-world artworks (the music and the largest Japanese-style ink painting ) will be shared among the owners when sold. Token holders will also be paid additional rewards from staking NFTs when they use AMT, the native token.

Get access to an exclusive community of artists and collectors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

“Eternal Fuji” is a mixed-media, multi-sensory artistic project aimed at immortalising Mount Fuji. It was created by Sou A Kou, a world-renowned ink painter, and Tetsuya Komuro, musician and music producer of All Genre Music Creative. During the months it took to create the physical artwork that features the mountain—the largest in Japanese history—over several sittings Tetsuya recorded an evolving musical performance.

The art and music, along with behind-the-scenes videos, photos, interviews and literature from art critics who observed the process, are available digitally and accessed through digital tokens. The artworks were created or recorded in the winter of 2023 in Japan, but more will be added over time.

Both artists are working exclusively with Amaze to promote and distribute the project.

Sou A Kou’s art is collected by the Imperial Royal Family of Japan as well as several former Prime Ministers. He is the creator of thousands of wash art and ink paintings, and for this project has produced the world’s largest such painting. His style blends traditional Chinese and Japanese painting on canvas with calligraphy and ink wash, using innovative brush techniques. He often paints exquisite depictions of nature, including landscapes and Japanese flowers, and his previous works include a 10 by 2.4 metre ink painting. In his technique and style of painting he clearly shows the influence and guidance of his Japanese teacher, Mr. Kayama Matazo. Sou A Kou therefore combines his practical talent in Chinese ink painting with the unique Japanese style to create a unique synergy, a commentary on culture. Mr. Kou is a member of the China Artists’ Association and has held exhibitions around the world, from the United States to Europe and Korea, as well as winning the 2005 UN World Academy Award.

Tetsuya Komuro has recorded a live musical performance inspired by the painting. He is a Japanese musician who made his debut in the 80s with his band, and later as a music producer, dominated the 90s and 00s as a game changer in the Japanese music scene. His originality and accomplishments have had an impact far and wide throughout Asia to this day. He has created over 1,600 songs and sold over 100 million CDs in Asia. In other parts of the world, he has composed the theme song for the FIFA World Cup in France. In 1998, he and Jean-Michelle Jarre performed at the “RENDEZ-VOUS ’98 ELECTRONIC NIGHT” that attracted 1 million people in front of the Eiffel Tower. He has written the theme song for the Hollywood movie “SPEED2”, and is also known for “GET WILD”, the theme song for the world-popular Japanese anime “CITY HUNTER”. His band TM NETWORK will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year.

This project is the first of its kind in the history of art and technology, and is an opportunity for a wider audience to share in what is typically an exclusive community of investors. It is for those that love art or are fans of the artists, and are excited about being part of a cohort of collectors of this mixed media piece.

From Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” to Hon’ami Koetsu tea bowl and Isao Tomita’s “Mt. Fuji In Red”, Mount Fuji has captivated artists for millennia. The volcano on the island of Honshu dominates Japan’s skyline, with its impressive power and stature strangely offset by the deep sense of spirit and serenity it exudes. It is the defining cultural icon of the contry and Japanese identity-a symbol of permanence and perseverance through change.

It is that very sense of hope the artists wish to capture, and they invite you to share your own story and reflections as you are inspired by it. In the words of Sou A Kou: “Life can be tough in today’s uncertain world, but when I gaze up at the sunlight around Mount Fuji, shining through the clouds, I hope people are able to experience that same unwavering belief and achieve inner peace.” Tetsuya similarly says every time he looks at the painting and its vast power, he is moved differently, which inspires his creative ‘flow’ in music.

A full library of outstanding content including high-quality images of the painting (9.2 x 3.6 metres), ink on paper, as well as a 30 minute high-definition recording of All Genre Music Creative, will be exclusively stored on the Amaze blockchain and accessed through digital collectibles from December 2023 onwards. The library includes a documentary, videos and images, and comments in Eternal Fuji NFT Collector DAO.

Besides being the only place to view the artwork and listen to music, this project is underpinned by a solid business model that uses real-world assets (RWA). The underlying assets will be sold in the future, and those who are the first holders of one of the collectibles ( each with a specified edition number) can share 50% net profits from the sale.

Furthermore, owners own the intellectual property for the pieces. Token holders will also be paid additional rewards from staking when they use AMT, the native token. This represents both an artistic breakthrough, as well as a commercial one, offering a rare chance for investors who see the value in Japanese culture and are inspired by the meaning of Eternal Fuji.

Lastly all buyers will enjoy access to an exclusive global network of artists, high-net-worth individuals and collectors, and can also participate in shaping the future of the project collectively by adding their own comments on the artwork, recorded permanently on the blockchain.

The only way to access Eternal Fuji is by purchasing one of 10,000 limited edition digital tokens. These are only available via our blockchain platform and secure mobile app, AmazeWallet. The tokens are exclusively owned by you, but can be traded in the future. Full details on how to buy will be given shortly.

Several innovative techniques have been used in the production of the pieces. Both the artists, Sou A Kou, in the art world, are world renowned and award-winning and Tetsuya Komuro, in music. The Japanese-inspired “Eternal Fuji” represents a fusion of ink and sound, tradition and modernity, and art and technology. It is a demonstration of how art can connect people of different cultures and offer new commercial opportunities to online creators.

Blockchain technology uniquely decentralises access to fine art and connects both the physical and digital worlds. Fractional ownership, enabled through blockchain, provides a new way to experience, distribute and share in art, as well as offer more efficient revenue streams to both collectors and creators alike.

“Eternal Fuji” provides an opportunity for people to explore and appreciate different cultures and to enjoy the performance that has been influenced through the artists’ own cross-cultural journeys—not only in Japan. Included with every collectible is membership to a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) for closer participation, global reach, and shared revenues or royalties.

This web page will be updated over time with more information, especially closer to launch, and you can also follow the project on both Instagram and Twitter at @amazewallet.

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