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Crypto Wallet

Store, on-ramp and swap across 60+ chains, from Ethereum to Bitcoin, Tron and BSC.

AmazeWallet self-custodial wallet
trade securely with AmazeWallet

Quantum-Resistant Security

Fully self-custodial. Data is encrypted with SHA-384 and isolated using TrustZone®.


Light and Dark mode. Choose your chain. Customise your Web3 profile your way.

AmazeWallet NFT collectible assets

NFT Platform

Discover a world of unique products from art to utility NFTs—and even use some to mine!

Web3 Social

Invite friends for a bonus. Add contacts, chat to them and keep memories on-chain!

the freedom to keep talking

Dapp browser

Access OpenSea, AAVE and 000s of protocols using our WalletConnect-powered web browser.