How much AMT can you mine with AmazeWallet?

Validate the AmazeChain and earn AMT rewards
how to mine AMT with AmazeWallet.

AmazeWallet is the first platform in the world where users can run a full blockchain node from their mobile phone. Learn how to get AMT, how to run a node, and how much crypto you can mine on our Layer 1 AmazeChain. Contribute to decentralisation with the device in your pocket!

How much AMT can I mine?

Once you’ve activated your node and opened your AmazeWallet, your phone will automatically validate blocks and you’ll earn AMT rewards until you hit your daily rewards limit. To mine AMT, your phone:

  • must be connected to the internet
  • must be activate (including minimised)

Each tier can mine a specific number of blocks per day. Those are capped at 100 blocks for Pro (500 AMT) and Advanced (100 AMT) Nodes, and 500 blocks for Entry (50 AMT) nodes. The block reward varies based on the tier. Group mining is done via coding, so the same requirements do not apply. Higher tiers therefore do not require you to keep the app active for as long (around 12 minutes per day for Pro and Advanced nodes, and 66 minutes for an Entry node).

Your rewards will be distributed at a regular internal, provided you mine the maximum daily blocks. Those intervals are every 0.5 AMT for Group, Entry and Advanced, and every 0.625 for Pro Nodes. Your crypto will be sent straight to your wallet. Please note, while the distribution will be every 3-40 days, the blocks are mined daily.

You can get:

  • 75 AMT with Pro Node
  • 12 AMT with Advanced Node
  • 4.5 AMT with Entry Node
  • 4.5 AMT (based on how much you used) for Group Mining

What is mining with AmazeWallet?

Mining on AmazeWallet means getting crypto for using your phone. With our own Layer 1 network that runs on mobile, smartphones can broadcast transactions, verify ZK proofs and generate blocks, for just 1-2% battery per day and minimal data. It’s a world first! Each person who runs a node can get crypto in the form of block rewards, which are distributed straight to your wallet.

We call this cryptocurrency mining, similar to networks such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. The process we use is far more efficient and is explained in more detail here.

Mining uses up 1-2% of your phone’s battery per day and 36MB of mobile data per month. These are both averages, so consumption depends on how often you keep the app open and how much AMT you mine.

Can I mine crypto on my phone?

Yes! In order to run a blockchain node on your phone with AmazeWallet, you’ll need an Android device running Android 6 or later and a stable internet connection. We’d recommend using WiFi. You’ll also need to keep the app open while mining since we do not allow background data refresh yet, though this feature will be enabled soon.

The only other requirement is to make sure you have downloaded the app and created a wallet. Full guides are available in our Help Centre.

How to start mining AMT

The mining smart contract requires AMT or an NFT to activate, so you can start mining. AMT is our native chain currency used for all gas fees, in-app fees and to start mining. We often give mNFTs (mining NFTs—which look like normal NFTs but which can used for mining) away as prizes, and certain partnerships with brands or artists may include an mNFT. Mining NFTs can be purchased for Entry, Advanced and Pro nodes using USDT within our app.

AMT is available to swap in the app and also available to buy on third-party centralised exchanges, where you can then transfer it to your wallet. AMT is our native chain currency used for all gas fees, in-app fees and to start mining.

You can go the mining tab to choose a node (group or full node) before you begin mining. Full instructions are available here! Confirm the lock-up period and that’s it.

Remember, AMT has real-world value and it’s important you keep your tokens safe. Try sending 1 AMT before sending everything you buy, just to make sure you’re doing it right. Once you’ve done it successfully, you can send the entire amount to your AmazeWallet.