How to get AMT in AmazeWallet (iOS) 

On iOS:

For now, you cannot directly purchase or swap to AMT inside the app due to Apple’s AppStore restrictions. However you can get AMT from a third-party exchange such as BitMart or Coinstore* and transfer it to your AmazeWallet.

Cryptocurrencies in exchanges come in ‘pairs’—where you deposit one pair to receive the other. Currently AMT requires USDT to swap. You can always check AMT on CoinMarketCap (under ‘AmazeToken markets’) for the latest market and pair information.

The steps below are given for Binance but are usually the same:

  1. Go to either BitMart or Coinstore*
  2. Create an account or login
  3. Complete the necessary KYC steps** ( Note: For BitMart there is no KYC (Know Your Customer) requirement below 0.06BTC withdrawals, and for Coinstore there is no KYC requirement below 3000 USD withdrawals.)
  4. Either buy or deposit USDT***
  5. Go to Trade>Spot and search for USDT/AMT
  6. Put in a Market order to swap to AMT
  7. Withdraw your AMT to your AmazeWallet address****

* Note: Centralized exchanges may have differing rules on what countries they support. Please thoroughly check the terms and conditions of each exchange.

** Note: KYC requirements usually include creating an account with your email, but may also require you to add your name, date of birth, address and upload an identity document. You usually only need to do this once with each exchange. Please double-check the requirements in case you are unsure.

*** Note: Tether is a stable coin that is usually $1 = 1 USDT. Tether can be found on many chains. Depositing USDT to an exchange will require a small amount of the native chain currency (Ether, BSC and TRX respectively). This is called ‘gas’, and is the fee to send or receive over the networks. You can check a website like to see the current cost. BSC is usually the lowest gas fee and Ethereum the highest, though these may fluctuate depending on network congestion.

**** Note: To get your AMT address go to Wallet, and click on AMT. It is an EVM-compatible address (0x…). Crypto may take some time to be distributed, and this process can vary depending on the network and exchange. AmazeWallet does not have any control over the distribution of funds, and if there are any issues with your purchase please contact the provider directly using the receipt you should have received in your email from them. To be able to view and use the currency or token you purchased to the Wallet page, click on Add (+), searching for the purchased token, and clicking the + symbol. This step does not ‘add’ any crypto—it merely allows it to be visible in your wallet.