How to mine AMT with AmazeWallet

Validate the AmazeChain and earn AMT rewards
how to mine AMT with AmazeWallet.

In preparation for the full launch of AmazeWallet on 28 June, it’s time for a few hints and tips about how to get test AMT from our faucet and how to stake tokens for rewards. Our smartwallet is still in Beta for another five weeks, so there’s plenty of time to learn how to use it, give us your feedback, and maybe even win yourself an AmazeWallet Genesis NFT.

Where to get test AMT tokens

You can collect a maximum of 500 test AMT tokens from the AmazeWallet faucet every day. Here are the steps you need to take to get test tokens once you’ve download the app and created your wallet:

  1. Navigate to the Wallet section, which you’ll find at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click on AMT (AmazeToken) and copy the token wallet address.
  3. Return to the homescreen and click on the PFP icon in the top left corner, or swipe, to view the sidebar.
  4. Tap on Faucet from the list, paste the token wallet address into the space provided and select ‘Give me AMT’.

Remember, test AMT tokens have no real world monetary value. You cannot exchange them for mainnet AMT tokens at a future date and you cannot exchange them on centralized exchanges for fiat currency.

Users can collect as many test AMT tokens as they need to test the app. We recommend getting 500 test AMT for staking and another 500 to try NFT trading.

How to stake AMT

Once you have AMT test tokens in your wallet, go to the Earn tab. Tap on Get Started, enter the amount of AMT you want to stake and then confirm it.

Pro tip, there are three staking tiers: 50 AMT, 100 AMT and 500 AMT. The more you stake, the more quickly you validate blocks and accrue rewards, and the less time you need to keep open your AmazeWallet app.

How to mine AMT tokens

Stake your AMT (whether they’re test ones or real ones when we launch on mainnet) and leave your AmazeWallet open. It’s that simple.

As long as you’ve staked AMT tokens, whether testnet or real mainnet ones, your phone will automatically validate blocks and you will earn AMT rewards until you hit your daily rewards limit.

Keep your phone open to mine

When you stake AMT and run a light node with AmazeWallet, you are actively validating blocks and securing the AmazeChain network. You need to keep the app open and connected to mine; when you close the app, you automatically stop mining. This is a precaution based on the idea that no one’s phone should be doing anything in the background the user is not aware of.

How much data and battery mining uses

Mining uses up 1-2% of your phone’s battery per day and 36MB of mobile data per month. These are both averages, so consumption depends on how often you keep the app open and how much AMT you mine.

How to switch between testnet and mainnet

To switch between testnet and mainnet, go to the Wallet tab. From here:

  1. Click into your AMT wallet (with the AmazeWalet logo).
  2. Tap on the circle in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Choose either Testnet or Mainnet.

When you’re on testnet, you’ll see your test AMT tokens. When you’re on mainnet, you can see your real AMT tokens and any other tokens you’re holding from other blockchains.

How to get the AmazeWallet Genesis NFT

Not only is AmazeWallet an app for holding tokens and running a blockchain light node from your mobile phone. We also have a native NFT marketplace where users can create, trade and collect non-fungible tokens.

To reward our dedicated early adopters, we’re giving away 2,000 Genesis NFTs to the top 2,000 test miners. Top miners are the ones who have validated the most blocks and accrued the most rewards. The competition is running until our launch on 28 June, so there’s still time to take part.

Utility for the AmazeWallet Genesis NFT

Our Genesis NFT has genuine utility and perks that will keep rewarding our users for a long time into the future. They are:

  1. Increased rewards when staking 50 AMT.
  2. Unlimited access to NFT minting.
  3. Exclusive entry into AMT token prize pools.
  4. Whitelist for future AmazeWallet and partner mints, events & airdrops.
  5. Exclusive access to the private AmazeWallet digital community.

To learn more about AmazeWallet Genesis NFT benefits, read the full thread.