How to start with AmazeWallet

Getting started in Web3 has never been this easy
How to start with AmazeWallet

AmazeWallet was built to solve some of the problems users in Web3 face today. Until now, the process of logging into various decentralized applications, across multiple blockchains, with a few different wallets, has been fragmented. Our smartwallet gives people access to all of Web3, all from one place. Now it’s time to start.

Instructions to start using AmazeWallet today

Download the AmazeWallet app from the App Store or Play Store to get started. Click on the link below and choose from Apple or Google to start.

Create an app account

  1. Click on Create account.

  1. Enter your email address and choose a password.

  1. Enter a ‘Friend’s email’ if someone referred you.

  1. Check your email account to find your one-time password. You need to enter it within 60 seconds.

  1. Tap on Create account and you’re finished.

Create an AmazeWallet self-custodial wallet

Now you have an AmazeWallet on your phone, follow these simple steps to start taking control of your digital life from the comfort of one app:

  1. Go to the Wallet tab and click on Create Account.

  1. Enter the correct details as instructed.

  1. Now you can sign in with the details you just entered.

  1. To do anything with AmazeWallet, you need to create your own self-custodial wallet. This becomes your key to the entire Amaze ecosystem. You can choose whether you want to import an old wallet or create a new one. (If you import one, you’ll need your seed phrase to hand.)

  1. If you’re new to AmazeWallet, tap on Create Wallet, and choose a Wallet Name and Password.

  1. For the final step, choose a seed phrase between 12 and 24 words. A seed phrase is a unique string of words associated solely with your new wallet. If you forget your wallet password, you can use it to access your account. Make sure you note down your seed phrase carefully. For security purposes, it’s better to not store it in a physical format.

Now you’ve successfully created your AmazeWallet account. Have a quick read below to get an overview of what you can do with the world’s first smartwallet.

What can you do on AmazeWallet?

AmazeWallet gives users access to a high-tech world of blockchains, cryptocurrency, NFTs, decentralised verification and super secure communication. But, while lots of the backend systems that underpin our tools are complex, AmazeWallet is straightforward and simple.

We have four features:

Each one of these features unlocks the power of Web3 technologies. The benefit for our users is that they can do everything they want to – hold tokens, create and collect NFTs, message friends on-chain, connect to dApps – all from one place. Instead of constantly switching between different wallets and networks, we think everyone’s experience should be as easy as possible.

Alongside all this, our community can also earn AmazeTokens (AMT) through blockchain mining. With our breakthrough technology, our users can turn their mobiles into full blockchain nodes and play an active part in securing and decentralising our Layer 1 AmazeChain.