Incredible Mobile Miners Win AmazeWallet Genesis NFT

AmazeWallet announces the winners of their Genesis NFT test mining competition
Incredible Mobile Miners Win AmazeWallet Genesis NFT

We’ve announced the winners of the AmazeWallet Beta test mining competition. The 2,000 top test miners will soon receive an AmazeWallet Genesis NFT, along with either full or partial access to an AmazeWallet node. This competition is one of a long list of ways our users continue to benefit with the world’s first smartwallet. 

Here at AmazeWallet, we’re all about rewarding our community of users. We do this with mining rewards, social media competitions, and now, we’ve given away 2,000 AmazeWallet Genesis NFTs packed full of real utility. The top 2,000 miners – those people who validate the most AmazeChain blocks during our testnet period – will also get free access to a mobile mining node.

The prizes? Genesis NFT and AmazeChain node access

The AmazeWallet testnet period ended on 28 June. During the time, more than 100,000 people signed up to use and test AmazeWallet in Beta. Now, we’ve launched AmazeWallet on mainnet and people can mine AmazeChain for AMT rewards.

As a token of thanks to those who made our Beta period such a success, we decided to reward our top testers with an AmazeWallet Genesis NFT. It’s packed full of utility and will continue to benefit holders, well into the future:

  • Increased AMT accrual from 50 AMT node mining.
  • Ungated access to NFT minting.
  • Entry into a prize pool with a top prize of 1000 AMT.
  • WL for future mints, events and airdrops.
  • Future access to private communities.

The list of winners was announced on 5 July. Our team of blockchain wizards started distributing the Genesis NFTs immediately. If you’re reading this, can see your wallet address in the linked list. If you’re yet to receive your reward, please contact us on Twitter, Discord or Telegram.

The AmazeWallet NFT marketplace

The AmazeWallet Genesis NFT will be most people’s first introduction to our in-app NFT marketplace. As a smartwallet, we don’t just offer our users the world’s first full mobile mining platform, a self-custodial wallet, fully on-chain Chat and in-app browser. We’ve also reimagined the non-fungible token market and come up with a new way to use this technology.

With this in mind, we’re boosting exclusivity by restricting creator rights to those who will give our users the best art and content. NFT minting is completely gas-free. But, in order to become a creator, you need to apply and show us why you should join our list of world-renowned artists who sell their work through AmazeWallet.

Only last week, we announced that Chinese artist Sou A Kou’s work will feature exclusively in our NFT marketplace. Japanese prime ministers and Emperors collect Sou’s art and they’re frequently given as gifts to visiting heads of state. And now fans can find his blend of traditional and digital design directly through AmazeWallet.

If you didn’t win a Genesis NFT, go and check out our NFT marketplace to see if you can find one for sale. You can do this by downloading AmazeWallet, creating an in-app self custodial wallet and going to the NFT tab. See what else you can find, or even apply to become a creator yourself, and start showing the world what you’ve made.