Introducing the Future: AmazeWallet AMT Cryptocurrency

AMT will follow in footsteps of BTC and ETH
AmazeWallet AMT cryptocurrency

AmazeWallet AMT looks set to become the future of the Web3 economy! As the Amaze ecosystem’s lifeblood, it keeps our ecosystem growing. By being a mining reward token, a validation enabler and a unit of account, it will grow to become one of the most important cryptocurrencies in the world.

What is AMT and what can you do with it?

AMT is the utility currency that powers our Layer 1 AmazeChain. Within our ecosystem, it can act as:

  • Scarce digital money
  • Gas fee token
  • Mining rewards
  • Peer-to-peer payments

AMT is the lifeblood of AmazeChain. Anyone who uses AmazeChain needs to pay in AMT to do so. In return, our network of mobile miners keep our network secure, validate transactions and produce blocks to add to the ledger of records.

In practical terms, there are loads of things you can do with AMT:

  • Start an AmazeChain node to decentralize the network and earn rewards.
  • Send money internationally with ultra-low gas fees.
  • Trade digital assets through our NFT marketplace.
  •  Hold it in AmazeWallet and track the price movement.

Over time, we’ll be adding even more utility to our native currency. We’ll also be listing the currency on more centralized exchanges to give everyone more access. As demand for AMT grows, we expect it to become the currency of choice for many Web3 users.

What are the AMT tokenomics?

We have an initial three-year plan to roll out . Our main goals are to stay transparent, deliver benefit for our users and maintain a stable Amaze economy.

Here are some facts to show you what we’re doing to achieve these goals:

  • The maximum supply of AMT is 200m.
  • 100m of the 200m AMT must be mined.
  • Mining emissions are halved every four years.
  • 50% of all gas fees will be burned.
  • AMT will act as the governance token for the future Amaze DAO.

Our roadmap, developed by our in-house economists, has more details on how we will manage token distribution and allocation in future.

AMT token distribution and allocation roadmap

For a more in-depth look into AMT tokenomics, read the AmazeWallet whitepaper.

Why AMT will be the future of cryptocurrency

Successful cryptocurrencies are based on the best technology. Bitcoin launched in 2009 as the first blockchain. Bitcoin has the biggest market cap in crypto. When Vitalik Buterin and co. developed Ethereum in 2015, they were the first to introduce smart contracts. ETH – Ethereum’s currency – grew to be the second biggest currency.

The Amaze ecosystem is the next blockchain technology breakthrough. We’re giving everyone with a smartphone the opportunity to validate blocks in AmazeChain, decentralize our network, and receive AmazeWallet AMT in return for doing it.

The AmazeWallet smartwallet will grow to become everyone’s single point of entry to Web3. We already have digital asset management, a self-custodial wallet, in-app token swapping and full on-chain chat. In time, the AmazeDEX will give users access to DeFi and AmazePay will make it easy to spend cryptocurrency in everyday life.

We’ve removed the barriers that Bitcoin and Ethereum faced. And we’ve created a blockchain that everyone can access and earn rewards from. As the demand for AMT rises and the price of the currency increases, our pioneer users will be the first ones to profit.

But our ecosystem is not just there to reward the early adopters. We’re a platform where everyone will continue to gain as they continue to contribute.