Mobile crypto mining—don't just spend time online, be paid for it!

Imagine if you got rewarded for using your phone the way you do everyday. Don’t miss out! Be one of the first to mine the native currency of a Layer 1 chain by running a validating node. It’s that easy.

Sit back, open the mining wallet app and chat to friends or watch YouTube—while getting crypto. Uses just 1-2% battery per day and <50mb of data per month.

Download now to be early:

AmazeWallet smartwallet

How mobile crypto mining works

1. Validating nodes on our VRF-VDF POS network run on end-user devices.

2. Select your AMT node tier, then trigger the smart contract to activate!

3. Your node can now broadcast TXs, verify ZK proofs and generate blocks.

4. As businesses use our chain, they pay gas fees, growing the ecosystem.

7 billion smartphones worldwide.
Over 50% this year are 5G ready.
The future of Web3 decentralisation.

Our blockchain is lightweight, secure and made for real people transacting everyday. We use phones to do everything online—and AmazeWallet, the crypto mobile mining wallet, rewards you for that time.

For ultimate privacy and security, “don’t trust, verify”. Join our global mining community of real users like you who are passionate about data ownership and decentralisation.

  • No mining pools
  • No central validators
  • Financially accessible
  • Easy to set up and start
  • Super energy efficient
  • No extra equipment costs

Select your mobile node


  • Mine together
  • Join or create
  • Invite bonus
  • 75 mins/day


50 AMT
  • Get 4.5 AMT
  • Full node
  • Invite bonus
  • 75 mins/day


100 AMT
  • Get 12 AMT
  • Full node
  • Invite bonus
  • 15 mins/day


500 AMT
  • Get 75 AMT
  • Full node
  • Private chat
  • 15 mins/day

How much crypto can you make?

You can mine up to 75 AMT, our native currency, per year.

All you need is an Android or iPhone, an internet connection, and some AMT. Your crypto will be safely stored in a smart contract for a 12 month lock-up period while you mine, to provide stability to the ecosystem—something other chains struggle with a lot.

The more miners that join, coins will become less available, and the price could increase. Meaning more rewards for mobile miners! After 12 months, you get back your original AMT, plus all the cryptocurrency you’ve mined on top. 

Once a miner accumulates 0.5 AMT or more, it is automatically distributed to their wallet. We batch transfers to ensure the network remains efficient and secure.

To run a commercial node in the cloud and process more AMT, get in touch today.