NFTs through AmazeWallet

Digital creators will truly own what they produce
NFTs through AmazeWallet

The AmazeWallet NFT platform

It’s time for NFTs to mature. The hype days were fun, and everyone enjoyed the run, but it’s time for the industry to move into its next phase. Enter AmazeWallet. We’re reimagining how creators, fans and traders can use NFT technology in new ways to create new experiences.

AmazeWallet already has the basics covered. You can mint NFTs directly from your mobile device in under 30 seconds, with no gas fees. It’s easy to do, inexpensive, and creator royalties are protected. People can upload their work to our Layer 1 AmazeChain in a few taps and start sharing their work immediately.

But none of these features are groundbreaking. You can already create NFTs on hundreds of platforms. And gas-free minting, although not standard across the industry, is not revolutionary. AmazeWallet’s competition-beating security and ultra-low trading fees are also good; but they’re not enough of a reason to start using our marketplace over any other one.

So what is AmazeWallet doing that will take digital creator culture from where it is now, to what it will be in the future?

What the future looks like for NFTs with AmazeWallet

We’re turning our marketplace into a social gallery and giving everyone the opportunity to run their own storefront through the platform. People will have the tools to turn their imaginations into their products. And everything they create, they will own. Full ownership, all on-chain.

Imagine videos, drawings, photography, images, music and writing, all in place, all under their creator’s name. Content generators can gain a following, build their community and earn a living from what they produce. Top creators will get rewarded for attracting an audience; it won’t just be a centralized platform profiting from others’ work.

This is the dream that traditional social media platforms have been selling their users for years. They’ve claimed creators will soon get a bigger slice of the profits they generate. With blockchain technology, AmazeWallet is realising this dream. Genuine ownership, fair payments, and sustainable growth.

Key features and tools

Here’s everything users need to know about AmazeWallet’s NFT platform. While the vision for the future is to completely revolutionize the way users interact with NFT technology, we already offer a digital assets platform with industry-leading features.

  • Gas-free minting. It shouldn’t cost people money to show off their creations. Everyone on AmazeWallet starts from the same point, with free minting and uploading. Then it’s up to the community to decide who’s the most popular.
  • Ultra low-cost trading. AmazeWallet’s NFT platform has an advantage over every other platform in that it’s built on top of AmazeChain. This means we offer ultra-low trading fees, and can stand by our promise to always keep costs down.
  • Create entire collections from your mobile. Whether you’re an artist looking for new ways to share your art, or you’re a generative image genius who wants to create a culture, AmazeWallet caters for all. You can produce NFT collections containing up to 10,000 assets. And this is all available on your mobile phone.
  • File sizes up to 100MB for videos and images. Users can upload images and videos up to 100MB. This is equivalent to a 20 minute video, or a super high-def picture. This means you don’t need to compress your work and take away from the quality.
  • AmazeWallet Genesis NFT. The Genesis NFTs from AmazeWallet gives holders expanded rewards opportunities from the moment they hold it. And in time, as our ecosystem expands, more utility will be added.

Anyone can start using AmazeWallet to create and mint NFTs. Users can test our tools, discover what works, experiment with different formats, and start building a following. And while people create their own digital content to show to the world, they can run their own blockchain node to receive rewards.