AmazeWallet’s ongoing traction continues with our latest integration, ZetaChain. On the back of our partnership with 1inch, the ZetaChain implementation is a cornerstone addition to AmazeWallet in the run up to mainnet launch on 28 June. AmazeWallet, while in Beta, has seen over 100k downloads, 15k weekly active users and over 30 minutes average in-app time per user. ZetaChain is no stranger to user traction, boasting 350K monthly active on-chain wallets and a notable 11 million cross-chain transactions driven through the chain in the past 12 months.  

Offering interoperability through ZetaChain

ZetaChain is an omnichain messaging and smart contracts platform. We’re working hard to make the Web3 experience less fragmented for users, and partnerships with Onramper and 1inch do exactly that, offering easy access to buying crypto and swaps from one easy place. ZetaChain likewise offers interoperability for any chain and access to multiple dApps with an intelligent smart contract platform. The future is multi-chain—and ZetaChain will be accessible in AmazeWallet alongside 60+ major chains including Ethereum and Bitcoin, as well as our own mobile-native AmazeChain. We’ll look at giving more access to omnichain dApps in AmazeWallet in future.

AmazeWallet’s new Product Director Alex Artiach said, “I’m hugely excited about our latest tech integration alongside ZetaChain. As a leading omnichain still in testnet, ZetaChain’s implementation represents the ambitious product we are building at AmazeWallet. Users can interact and navigate through multiple blockchains while enjoying the unprecedented AmazeWallet benefits, all in one place.”

AmazeWallet’s mainnet launch on 28 June 2023

The transition to mainnet will officially be launched on 28 June within the AmazeWallet app. This will allow miners to begin mining for real value AMT rewards, daily. Chains such as ZetaChain are initially accessible via the Wallet function as well as desktop applications using the WalletConnect QR code—as well as via the in-app browser when our injected wallet goes live. Alongside other key integrations, artist partnerships, a chat feature and mini-games, it all adds to the stickiness and retention mechanics that keep AmazeWallet users engaged in their digital lives, while being rewarded.

Don’t miss a thing, be sure to join our Twitter as well as ZetaChain’s Twitter for the upcoming AmazeWallet, Bridge Oracle and ZetaChain round table discussion on interoperability. If it’s rewards you are after then jump into our Discord channel and become one of our vibrant Zealy community members battling it out for ongoing rewards in the 1000s, paid out in AMT.on-chain