AmazeWallet Chat: on-chain messaging

Keep conversations with friends between yourselves
AmazeWallet Chat

With AmazeWallet Chat, our users get private and secure messaging, all fully on-chain. Send and receive instant messages and images, up to 100MB, all through AmazeChain. And even though it’s completely on-chain, there are no costs to use the service. It’s gas-free messaging, between you and the person you trust. All done with blockchain technology, so it’s private, secure, and all under your control.

AmazeWallet ensures privacy and security

AmazeWallet starts from the position that users own their data. They are entitled to know who sees it, who uses it and where it sits. With this as our basic premise, we’ve built our products so our users never need to worry about who might have their personal information, and what they might be doing with it.

AmazeWallet Chat was created so the thoughts, information and data you share with friends and family remain between you and the person you trust. We consider end-to-end encryption a standard, not a perk. Our messaging system is entirely decentralized; there is no central repository for malevolent actors or organisations to snoop inside.

But why go to all this trouble to protect users’ privacy and give them control over their digital lives?

We created AmazeWallet to serve the need for genuine digital ownership, and so all of our users can help us secure our Layer 1 AmazeChain. In return for their active participation, people will receive rewards. As part of this reciprocal arrangement, we will not take our users’ data and sell it to third parties for profit. It’s a guarantee backed up by the power of blockchain technology.

Why should we care about online security?

“If something is free, you are the product.” This quote from 1973 has taken on new meaning in the past decade. As journalists and whistleblowers have gradually laid bare social media companies’ privacy policies, we’ve seen that each individual user is now a product.

It’s taken for granted that everything people do, and say, and write, and buy online will be added to their digital profile and packaged for advertisers. But this didn’t occur spontaneously; it isn’t how the internet must be.

Tech firms have learned how to extract data and use it for profit. But now the internet is such an integrated part of our lives, our online identities are too important to let others control it and use it to generate revenue.

With AmazeWallet Chat, there’s no risk of us reading your conversations or giving your data to third parties. Being decentralized, we don’t have central servers into which backdoors can be built. Our community of users secures the network together, and they all enjoy a level of security, privacy and safety that we consider the minimum standard in digital life.

AmazeWallet Chat has succeeded where other apps couldn’t

We’re not the first platform to give users end-to-end encrypted chats. And we’re not the first to attempt fully on-chain messaging. But we are the first to deliver both together successfully.

Telegram and Signal are two popular applications that deliver good levels of security. But there’s always a danger that hackers will break into their centralised servers and extract the data that sits in them.

Blockscan Chat, Waku protocol, Whispr and XMTP protocols are also attempting on-chain communication. Messaging services are often built on Ethereum, and scalability solutions can compromise on security. We believe these two things—along with the user experience—cannot be sacrificed.

How AmazeWallet ensures privacy, security and safety

AmazeWallet’s vision will always be a decentralized platform for everyday life. We’re using the power of blockchain technology to give our users control over their content and data, and, with Chat, over their conversations with friends. 

In striving towards this vision, we’ve put in place robust measures to deliver security and privacy for everyone who uses our smartwallet. To make sure all messages are fully secure, we’ve introduced cutting-edge tech that does the hard work behind the scenes:

  • Encryption string length. AmazeChain’s encryption string length is longer than most other blockchains, including Ethereuem’s and Bitcoin’s. This improves encryption strength by 2128.
  • Decentralization. Our global community of users can run their own nodes directly from their mobile phones, eliminating central points of failure and allowing you to not just trust, but verify transactions yourself.
  • Peer-to-peer encryption. Our breakthrough technology enables every user to act as a server in our network. So while end-to-end encryption is something we deliver, we go a step beyond by removing the middleman and letting people talk directly to each other, without talking through an intermediary.

As with everything at AmazeWallet, our messaging service is about handing back control to users. There is no reason why third parties should be allowed to read your private chats. And there’s no sense in letting other businesses profit from your online data. We’re giving back control of the conversation, to the people who own it.