Now Swap USDT for AMT Inside AmazeWallet

In-app token swapping making AmazeWallet blockchain mining even easier
Mining with AmazeWallet

A new token pairing has been added to AmazeWallet, so users can now swap USDT for AMT, our native chain currency, without leaving the app. This is a signal of further growth in the AmazeWallet ecosystem, as we move towards creating an all-in-one Web3 app.

Why in-app AMT-USDT swapping? What are the benefits?

Swapping USDT for AMT inside AmazeWallet makes life simpler for our users. Instead of going through rigorous KYC processes with third-party exchanges, then needing to transfer AMT to AmazeWallet and paying any associated fees, our users can now do everything in one place. 

It’s simple, it’s straightforward, and it makes becoming an AmazeChain miner even easier. AmazeWallet Group Mining is launching in August, where users can start mining for as little as 1 AMT. Now with in-app swapping, there’s now no reason not to mine our Layer 1 AmazeChain and getting crypto for everything you do on your phone.

Here are the benefits you can expect from this upgrade:

  • Guaranteed price with no slippage and no excess fee
  • Quick access to the Amaze ecosystem.
  • Ease-of-use and no need for app-switching.
  • Start mining and earning crypto quickly.

The benefits for our users are clear to see. And we’ve made the swap process easy to do.

How to swap USDT for AMT

It only takes four quick steps to turn your stablecoin USDT into AMT.

  1. Open AmazeWallet
  2. Go to Wallet tab
  3. Tap on Swap
  4. Choose ‘Swap to AMT’ (not ‘Swap via 1inch’)

Swaps are available on Tron (TRC-20) and Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) now, and will be available on Ethereum (ERC-20) in the next app version. We have put user security at the forefront of this upgrade and transactions usually go through within a few minutes. If your transaction time is longer than this, it’s due to programmed security procedures that are there to protect users’ assets.

Get AMT so you’re ready for Group Mining

Now that our users can get AMT in their wallets with four clicks, it’s time to tell you how to grow your AMT by becoming a miner. Mining through AmazeWallet allows our users to run a full blockchain node, directly from their phones, in return for real crypto. You validate transactions, you get AMT in return.

AmazeWallet Group Mining is a brand new feature that gives our community the opportunity to pool their resources with other users and launch a mining node together. You’ll get to test out mining, see what it’s like to get crypto for using your phone, and get to take part in a truly rewarding experience.

Our miners see their rewards grow every day, they get to increase global decentralization, and they become a genuinely contributing part of the Amaze ecosystem.