The Wallet

AmazeWallet's self-custodial Wallet is your home for crypto
The AmazeWallet Wallet

The self-custodial Wallet

Cryptocurrency is an integral part of the Web3 ecosystem. And having a safe location to store it is important for anyone who uses blockchain technology. With our self-custodial Wallet, you’ll have the most secure tools for keeping your crypto safely in your pocket.

But our Wallet doesn’t just stop at simple storage. We offer plenty of other features that take our tools beyond what the market currently offers:

  • Hold, send and receive tokens from over 60 networks, including AmazeChain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche and Cardano. And we’re adding more chains all the time.
  • Added security because there’s no need to connect to an RPC. We run our own Ethereum node meaning there’s no chance of third-party interference.
  • Add custom tokens minted on any of our compatible chains, including all EVM networks.
  • Live market information showing up-to-the-moment price, supply and trading volume.

The AmazeWallet smartwallet is your personal gateway to interacting directly with multiple blockchains. We are not a centralized entity running centralized servers we can shut down or alter. This means your tokens are always in your control. It’s full ownership through a self-custodial Wallet.

Fiat on-ramping

Users can buy crypto using various methods, including credit card, debit cards and bank accounts. We have integrated on-ramping aggregator platform Onramper into our smartwallet. Users get the best option from 15 on-ramping platforms to find the best price for turning their fiat into crypto.

Soon, we will introduce our own AmazePay, which will go a long way to replacing these third-party tools. In the not-too-distant future, our users can buy things in stores and on the internet, directly through AmazeWallet with their AMT tokens. True purchasing with crypto.

Our roadmap also has a huge upcoming milestone where we’ll be adding off-ramp tools to AmazeWallet. With these, our users will be able to turn their cryptocurrencies into fiat currency whenever they want.

Token trading

AmazeWallet provides users with a simple and secure way to trade digital assets. With our dApp browser using WalletConnect, users can also connect to Uniswap, Aave, Compound, or any other DeFi protocols and exchanges. We also offer access to 1inch API to swap natively in the app.

This offers users exposure to third-party lending and borrowing protocols and allows them to easily and securely buy and sell digital assets from the largest marketplaces worldwide. AmazeWallet charges no additional fees to give you access to thousands of coins on the market.

As we grow and expand our Web3 ecosystem, we plan to integrate with DeFi protocols that meet our security and stability criteria, further expanding the range of trading options available to our users.

It’s important to remember that access to all third-party DeFi services is conditional on local rules and regulations. This includes staking, swapping, lending, borrowing and off-ramping to fiat. 


At AmazeWallet, we take security seriously, across the 60+ blockchains we support. When you create your Wallet with us, you’ll get a unique address for each of those networks, and you can send and receive coins and tokens on all of them.

When you create your AmazeWallet self-custodial Wallet, you have the option of securing it with a 12 to 24-word seed phrase. And our 384-bit cipher encryption makes our network more secure than Ethereum and Bitcoin by a factor of 2128.

We also offer full trustless support by running light nodes for other blockchains, which means you never need to connect to RPC providers and run the risk of a sandwich attack. Because we run our own Ethereum node, our users do not need to go through an intermediary to connect to that blockchain; they do it directly from their Wallet.

By offering a secure and versatile platform, AmazeWallet provides users with a single home for all their cryptocurrency needs. Whether you’re looking to trade, invest, or simply store your digital assets, our self-custodial Wallet has you covered.