What is AmazeWallet?

Your portal to the new age of the internet
What is AmazeWallet?

AmazeWallet: Built from the Blockchain Up

AmazeWallet is your gateway to a fully integrated Web3 ecosystem, the opening to a decentralized realm. You know the analogy about icebergs being mostly below water, and what you see is just the tip. Well, AmazeWallet is one part of a digital universe we’ve designed, where all the moving parts work together in harmony.

In simpler terms, AmazeWallet is a smartwallet, with four key features:

  • Mining
  • Wallet
  • NFTs
  • Chat

These four tools form the basis of AmazeWallet. Mining enables our users to run their own blockchain nodes to earn rewards. The wallet is for holding and trading cryptocurrencies securely. Create, sell and store NFTs through our native marketplace. Chat with friends via cryptographically encrypted messaging.

We’ve built AmazeWallet from the blockchain up, which means every part of our platform fits together seamlessly.

Why did we create AmazeWallet?

Despite the huge strides blockchain and Web3 technology has taken in the past decade, there are still problems to be solved. A big one for us is the disconnectedness of the Web3 ecosystem.

Many different apps provide many different services. Unfortunately, they all do this in silo. And anyone who’s used them to trade cryptocurrencies, buy NFTs, bridge tokens and take profits knows it’s a time-consuming process to switch between them.

It’s complex, confusing and off-putting, especially for new users.

AmazeWallet is unique in offering the four features listed above, all in one smartwallet. In this way, we’ve created a tool for users to easily access the full power of Web3. It’s quick, it’s secure and it’s simple.

Run your own node and earn AMT

To return to our iceberg analogy, there’s more to our ecosystem than the app on your phone.

Alongside the features listed above, AmazeWallet features brand new innovations that enable our users to earn rewards for their activity. With the power of AmazeChain, our bespoke Layer 1 blockchain, users can operate light nodes directly from their mobile. So every time they open their phone, they’ll earn tokens.

Use Amaze tokens (AMT) and mine rewards for only 1-2% of your phone battery charge per day. And data usage? On average, mining uses around 36MB of data per month, equivalent to six minutes of video calling.

Specifications and performance

From the blockchain and the wallet, to the NFT market and messaging tools, we’ve built and tested everything in the Amaze ecosystem. So we’re well aware of what our technology can do:

  • More than 1 million transactions per second for true scalability.
  • Average transaction fees are less than $0.01, for low-cost activity.
  • We offer multi-chain crypto swapping across more than 60 networks.
  • Quantum-resistant 384-bit cipher encryption guarantees security.

Because our tools are all made to be compatible with each other, our ecosystem can grow sustainably while costs remain low. And we don’t need bridges and hacks to reach other networks, so we ensure security for the long term.

The future is Web3

Web3 technology is more than cryptocurrencies and NFT PFPs. It’s a completely new way of organising online networks and deciding who controls them.

25 years ago, a new wave of internet companies began indexing the internet to make it easier to navigate. Initially this was helpful, but it soon turned into the overwhelming concentration of power we see today, where a handful of giants control the global digital landscape.

Our vision is an internet for everyone, without centralized platforms owning your data and making billions of dollars from it. In time, our ecosystem will go well beyond what you see today.

Our short-term roadmap includes AmazePay, enabling users to spend in shops directly from AmazeWallet. Our NFT marketplace will become a place where people can trade and send digital tokens representing things as diverse as music, event tickets, ownership deeds, legal documentation and software.

We’re going beyond the hype and extravagance of Web3’s first flush to create a sustainable and useful smartwallet that empower the people who uses it. And when we say our users are part of our story, we really mean it. Our mobile nodes will reward the community for taking an active part in decentralizing our network.